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How Jupiter adds value to commercial properties?

At Jupiter we strive to bring the best deals to our investors, sometimes it’s a diamond in the rough. Through the following, we explain how we strategically increase the value of commercial real estate with our skills, research, and connections.

Our strategic approach

1) Re-vitalize the asset: Something as simple as new paint or flooring, upgrading light fixtures, or overall updating curb appeal can easily increase the value of commercial real estate.

2) Increase value of the asset with management:Adding professional management, re-tenanting by replacing or adding a national tenant can increase occupancy or bring in increased business, taking gross leases and making them NNN.

3) Knowledge, research, and connections: Knowing where the best deals are, or what will be a popular area in a short time, and exploiting those opportunities all acrossthe US

Why do we do this?

We do this to bring the highest Returns on Investment to our investors. Doing this helps to increase the value of the property. By making it attractive, the property is desirable and can be sold at the highest price. We find the best properties for today and tomorrow.

Strategic retail and medical buildings are such a hot commodity which provide good returns and value add opportunity for better returns in commercial real estate.

We are not confined to just to these, but we focus on these opportunities because we know they have great potential value add turn-around.

Our expertise

- We have personnel specifically geared towards doing due diligence on any prospective deal.

- We look at historical data such as taxes, expenses, and other fees, as well as current leases to determine the projected outcome of an investment.

- We look at the area, the traffic patterns, the population, and more to assess the longevity of success a retail or medical space might have.

Though every investment might require different tactics to make the most of each opportunity, we take the time to ensure we are bringing quality and value to the table when we present a new prospective deal to each of our investors.

Let’s grow together!!

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